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This is a small selection showing my work in each of the services I offer…

Locomotion Marketing

Status: Live
Description: Locomotion Marketing is a leaflet distributor based in Liverton, Newton Abbot.

The client wanted a clean looking website with links that were always visible. It was also important that it was responsive so it worked on tablets and mobiles.

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Skill set required:

Leadstone Camping

Status: Live
Description: Leadstone camping is located in Dawlish and has been family run since 1974. Back in 1999 I was approached to create an online presence for them and more recently I have revamped the whole website.

The client wanted a friendly feel to the website and also needed the site to scale down on tablets and mobiles.

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Skill set required:

Torbay Fishing

Status: Live
Description: This website has been running since 2004 and is exceptionally well placed on the search engines because of the high quality content. I have just completed revamping this web site.

This website has a very high percentage of mobile and tablet users (70%) so it is responsive by design. I created a new logo, changed the fonts and made the site cleaner than it was before.

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Dawn Butler Counselling

Status: Live
Brief Description: This is my latest mid-range site to go live. The client was fairly specific about the colour and feel of the website and she was very happy with the end result.

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Skill set required:

Clear Blue Media

Status: Live
Description: I wasn't just happy with one web site for my services, I wanted to test different styles and techniques with other websites so I recently updated this website to be more responsive and user friendly.

Eye-tracking, usability testing and heatmapping all played a part in creating this design.

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Elite Titles

Status: Live.
Description: Have you ever fancied becoming a Lord or Lady? Well with Elite Titles you can! Elite Titles was my first ever client way back in 1997 and he, like most of my clients, have stayed with me through the years. This website has recently had a responsive update, a shopping cart added and a Wordpress news section.

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Skill set required:

Wizz Kidz

Status: Live
Description: The corporate colours are very vivid (bright Red, Purple, Yellow and red) so I wanted to match the colours because of their vivacity. I created a bright purple gradient background to make the pages really stand out.

I wanted the images to have a 3D feel by being inside AND outside the content boxes.

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Skill set required:


Status: No longer live version
Description: Although the npower team is large I was chosen to code up the HTML and CSS for all of the various sections of the web site including the home page you see above.

I also created the HTML and CSS for many of the television adverts and promotions they were running for the two years I was contracting there.

My version of npower stayed there for two years.

Skill set required:


Status: No longer live
Description: I contracted at Ecotricity for a couple of years and part of my contract was to create the code for the revamped website.

This was a wonderful company to work for and I enjoyed all the challenges that came with it.

This version is no longer current.

Skill set required:


Status: Showcase.
Description: I was approached by a design agency to help fix a number of IE related bugs in the HTML and CSS.

I had to fix a number of positional problems in the HTML but it was mainly a lot of work in the CSS to get the page working across the browsers.

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