Flight Global

Multi-role contract working on several business websites across Reed Business.

This was a three year contract creating pages for air shows, magazines, stock market pages and more.

Job Description

I was the senior front-end designer in charge of coding the HTML and CSS for a multitude of different projects including the Paris Air Show and Farnborough Air Show for the Flight Global magazine.

The Team

I was part of a huge team (80+ on the various projects) and I had to liaise with many project managers plus dozens of back-end developers, usability testers, database testers and graphic designers.

Working Environment

This was a fully Agile environment which meant I was liaising with many different teams and project managers across the board. I was working mainly at their Surrey offices but also worked in Holborn in London.

The Challenges

When I first arrived the Pair Air Show was just around the corner. They had a new content management system which they could not get styled how they wanted. It had HUGE limitations in the CSS. I couldn't use floats, positions or any of the normal processes to style.

I succeeded in styling it how they wanted but the CMS was unstable at that time so I was flown out with the team and spent my time at the Paris and Farnborough Air Shows making sure the CMS was working and also assisted with the huge social media campaign that brought in Five Million in advertising revenue.

The Code

There were many sections to the website and I coded the HTML and CSS for all the main sections including the home page you see below.

Paris Air Show splash page.

If you would like to discuss a project feel free to contact me. You can also read a tesimonial from one of the team in the testimonial below.

What they say about me…

Gareth Howell

I worked with Simon for two years on the Flightglobal brand at RBI. He fitted in well with the team and became a valued member. He brought a vast wealth of front-end development knowledge, which the back-end developers like myself in the team couldn't match. Simon improved the usability, markup and styles on all of our sites, and educated the entire team on what could be done and how.

My Clients
Cleaning Concerns

When I first met Simon he came across, relaxed, approachable but very informative and helpful. His knowledge and advise concerning the design and format of my Web site was first rate. I am very pleased with the outcome and his after care support is great for someone like me that is not to computer minded. Would not hesitate to recommend Simon for your web design, setup and after care support.

My Clients

Simon looks after our website, if we need any changes he ensures they are done quickly and accurately. He recently added a blog page and a gallery page for us which we can now keep updated ourselves - which is great! The whole service he provides is excellent, he is very efficient, reliable and knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Simon to others. First class service.

My Clients
Dawn Butler

Simon helped by sorting out my website of all the rubbish lying behind it. He was professional and understood what I needed and offers a reliable service that allows me no hesitation in contacting him if I require any changes. Nothing is too much trouble.

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