Cleaning Concerns

A recent mid-level website for a cleaning company in Torquay.

Improved UX in this redesign of a very outdated website.

Job Description

The clients existing website hadn't been updated since 2006 so it was in desperate need of a redesign.

Why asking the right questions pays off!

At our initial meeting I asked my usual questions and I picked up on something he said. He told me that people now are having to have the cleaning in hotels and restaurants done to validate the insurance. This small part of the conversion was huge and I immediately realised just how important it was.

Designing for the user

Many people coming to his website just want to make sure they get the cleaning certificate for the work carried out. I had to make sure that when a user visits the web site their eyes are instantly drawn to the fact he does it.

I have a lot of experience in UX (User Experience) so I knew it had to stand out on the page. Most of his website is green to match the corporate colours. To make it stand out I used a different colour, in this case a reddish header. It isn't overwhelming, it's just enough to force the eyes to look at it without it completely distracting the user from the rest of the page. If you look at his website you cannot help but look at it, your eyes have no choice because of the way I designed the page.

Cleaning Concerns, Torquay, Devon.

The Process

While at the initial meeting I had already sketched out where the important parts of the page would go. I went home and created a visual wireframe which he was happy with. I then created the code for the page and the styling using HTML5 and CSS3.

What's on the page

There are numerous very subtle animations when you hover over certain elements so they visually confirm that they are calls to action. The website is responsive by default. On small screen devices the menu remains at the top of the page to allow a much easier journey for the visitor.

Visit the Cleaning Concerns website.

If you would like to discuss a project feel free to contact me. You can also read his testimonial below.

What he says about me…

My Clients
Cleaning Concerns

When I first met Simon he came across, relaxed, approachable but very informative and helpful. His knowledge and advise concerning the design and format of my Web site was first rate. I am very pleased with the outcome and his after care support is great for someone like me that is not to computer minded. Would not hesitate to recommend Simon for your web design, setup and after care support.

My Clients
Royal Titles

Simon has designed several websites for us over several years and we have always been very happy to work with him. He is always there when you need him, friendly and ready to help. Our sites have changed with the course of time, and Simon helped us with the transformation of our sites into mobile-friendly web pages, improved load times and worked very hard for the betterment of the usability of our sites.

My Clients

Simon looks after our website, if we need any changes he ensures they are done quickly and accurately. He recently added a blog page and a gallery page for us which we can now keep updated ourselves - which is great! The whole service he provides is excellent, he is very efficient, reliable and knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Simon to others. First class service.

My Clients
Dawn Butler

Simon helped by sorting out my website of all the rubbish lying behind it. He was professional and understood what I needed and offers a reliable service that allows me no hesitation in contacting him if I require any changes. Nothing is too much trouble.

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