You Found Me James and Marion!

Andy James May born 23rd August 1970
(23/08/70) in Catford, Lewisham

Adopted by Tony & Ann Day in 1970-1971

I was born "Andy James May" on the 23rd August 1970 and was put up for adoption around January 1971. My Natural mother left me a letter explaining who she was and who my natural father was.

I was born Andy James May in a hospital in Catford, Lewisham, Kent on August 23rd 1970 and my name was changed after the adoption to "Simon Richard Day".

I have thought about my natural mother and father quite often and even had the interview with the adoption people in the social services to add myself to the adoption register in case my natural mother or father wanted to get in contact with me. I thought I had added myself to the register but I've now found out I haven't. I don't know what to do next so I've made this page in case either of you ever do a search for me.

If you gave birth to a "Andy James May" in Catford, Kent on the 23rd August 1970 then I'm your son.

If you are my natural mother or father and you want to know how my life has been I would like to get in touch. Given the circumstance you wrote in the letter I believe the adoption was something you have probably regretted and also often wondered how I've done.

I simply put this page up because I don't know how to get on the adoption register because of the time lapse but I wanted some way of you getting in touch with me if you ever needed too.

The Internet is a very anonymous place and you can get in touch without fear of me finding out who you really are. If you need to ever get hold of me you can sign up for a free email account which can't be traced or simply fill in this form below.

You can sign up anonymously with Hotmail or some other free email account and you can't be traced.

I would like to know if you ever read this page just for my piece of mind. If you want no involvement with me I honestly and truthfully understand and respect your decision. This page is only here because your lives at that time were tragic and I'd hate myself if you had ever tried to get in contact with me but couldn't.

I hope your life is a very happy one and I wish you as much happiness as I can offer. Never feel bad for what you did, I understand 100% that the troubles you had left you no choice and you made the right decision. Please never feel bad and know that I understand. You also did the right thing leaving me that letter and I'm so glad you did.

Please if you can, just let me know that you have read this page as it does often trouble me that you can't get in touch with me.

Simon Richard Day
Born "Andy James May" in Catford, Lewisham, Kent on August 23rd 1970
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You can find me using these words: Andy James May born 23rd August 1970 in Catford,Lewisham, Kent. Adopted in 1970/1971 by Tony and Ann Day.